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Multinational Business of Kuwait Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Worldwide Business of Kuwait - Case Study Example Monetary remaining of Kuwait has been advancing great in the ongoing past in spite of different natural and interior difficulties that undermine its GDP. As of now, the nation’s salary per capita has expanded by 1% while the GDP level has likewise recorded a development of 7%. Kuwait is a huge land that has the potential for development if legitimate monetary modalities are set up by the specialists. The country’s asset base can support its residents. This is obvious in the colossal potential in the horticultural area, the business field and its rising work power (Ghemawat, 2001). The inception of practical exchange, political, social and social approaches has empowered the nation to record huge development in its per capita pay levels and GDP principles. The arrangements are to destroy the separation measurements or variables that impact execution. Kuwait’s financial topography will undoubtedly record an upward development pattern or extension particularly with the relief designs that are under definition to turn away the impacts of the dimensional variables. The measurements that incorporate social practices, financial ramifications, social and policy driven issues must be tended to by an economy that tries to meet its objective (Ghemawat, 2001). The nation's Dimensions of Distance Economic development in Kuwait is subject to the central point that impact execution and creation. The components that hold the limit of slowing down or impelling financial execution are indispensable in improving per capita salary in the nation (Khanna and Sinha, 2005). Experts in Kuwait perceive the requirement for the improvement of feasible exhibition measures to exchange obstructions and ridiculous monetary bottlenecks that look to hinder the progression of creation. Modalities are being created to smooth out monetary exercises that incorporate agribusiness and business tasks. This is basic on the grounds that the country’s economy is financed by ru ral exercises and worldwide business. The strategies are to help in destroying exchange obstructions and other far off components that influence development in the country. The measurements that incorporate social practices, monetary ramifications, social and policy centered issues hold broad impacts on the economy. As per Khanna and Sinha (2005), the country’s global business tasks have been influenced by the cost ramifications and dangers that outcome from obstructions that are made by far off components. He expressed that the inaccessible components don't explicitly allude to the geological contrast yet they are the significant measurements that impact financial development. Monetary component is a measurement that influences business tasks and different salary producing exercises in Kuwait. The country is portrayed as a little economy with two significant GDP lenders that are under-abused. The under abuse is because of deficient asset limit that upsets the appropriation o f present day innovative arrangements for creation. In spite of the fact that the nation’s GDP has recorded noteworthy rate development, the increment isn't satisfactory to direct the extension designs that are normal in the agrarian and business parts (Khanna and Sinha, 2005). This may additionally hurt the nation’s execution if genial arrangements are not understood.

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Why I Chose to Attend a Women’s College

In spite of the fact that school confirmations have gotten progressively serious, not all universities are seeing an expansion in applications.Last year, we composed an article on Why Women Colleges Are Losing Funding to bring to our perusers consideration that not all schools are flourishing in this present reality where getting an advanced education is increasingly significant. While ladies schools may not be as well known as they used to be, there are a couple of universities that despite everything stick out. We solicited one from our s going to a womens school why she chose to apply and join up with one:Jodis StoryThe thought of going to a women’s school may not be alluring to numerous little youngsters applying to school for various reasons. Two of the main motivations I’ve heard why numerous young ladies would prefer not to go to a women’s school is that there is absence of male nearness nearby, and that going to a women’s school must accompany a lo t of show. As a current understudy of a women’s school (Smith), I can guarantee you that none of these reasons have ever been an issue during my time in college.The thought that heading off to a women’s school must be exhausting in light of the fact that there are no young men around is false. Heading off to a women’s school is similarly as fun as setting off to a coed school, and as I would see it is significantly increasingly fun. The incredible thing about a women’s school is that understudies don't feel as if guys command the study hall or are preferred over female understudies, which is very empowering.Thinking that there is more dramatization at women’s school than at a coed school is likewise bogus, in certainty I have found there is less show. Most understudies going to a women’s school aren’t concentrated on folks however are centered around their investigations, which pretty much rules out dramatization with other girls.The best viewpoints about going to a women’s school is the ladies strengthening nearby. Ladies can overwhelm inside and outside the study hall, and are allowed to communicate their convictions without considering what their male partners will say about them. Since ladies rule in the study hall, we get instruction where we feel just as we are equivalent men, which is significant in a male predominant society. What’s incredible about a women’s school is that ladies can take classes that would be in any case commanded by men, for example, classes in the STEM field. I decided to go to a Women’s school since I feel as if I would be around a school of ladies continually hoping to enable one another. I have additionally discovered that I have come to esteem the companionships I have made with different young ladies, and that by going to a women’s school I am increasingly arranged to take on a male overwhelmed society.

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Judicial Style in Ukraine Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Legal Style in Ukraine - Essay Example The real Court of Ukraine is the only association of authentic expert in Ukraine. The Ukraine envelops a legal structure which comprises of the Supreme Court, local courts notwithstanding area (town) courts. The Legitimate Court of Ukraine is a specific body with capacity to audit in the case of lawmaking continues of the Parliament, President, Filing bureau or Crimean Legislative body are in line up with the Structure of Ukraine. This Court too gives translation to ensured standard of the Constitution or laws of Ukraine. The Criminal System of Ukraine records the kind of criminal reprisal open. Disciplines can be arranging into central and integral, contingent upon their procedure and the strategy in which they are designate. For model, fundamental disciplines are those which are designate as personality adequate and can't be administer as a supplement to included disciplines. Central disciplines contain: guardianship (detainment), restorative works without care, hardship of the specific to abide in persuaded place or to execute certain activities, fines, and network censure. Reciprocal disciplines are those which can be apportion basically as a supplement to a basic discipline. Key disciplines contain: guardianship (detainment), remedial works without authority, hardship of the specific to abide in persuaded place or to execute sure activities, fines, and network reprimand. Reciprocal disciplines are those which can be apportion basically as a supplement to a basic discipline. They contain: end; the evacuation of equipped or specific position; or disposal of parental benefits. Expire punishment:

Case Brief Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Case Brief - Essay Example She was additionally expected to hold $ 200.00 consistently for duties and pay- - gathering the rents, paying for the net rentals towards the home loan obligation. Be that as it may, On November 29, 1938, the mortgagee compromised abandonment of the property after the redesign of the intrigue developed to $ 15,857.71. Mrs. Crane, consequently, chose to offer it to an outsider for $ 3,000.00 money and paid $ 500.00 costs of offer. She detailed an available addition of $ 1,250.00. She contended that her property procured from 1932-1938 was just the value. She guaranteed that the value was of zero worth when she gained it. No devaluation could be taken on a zero worth. Also, neither she nor her vendee at any point expected the obligation; in this manner, after selling the value, the sum she understood on the deal was $ 2,500.00. In any case, he Commissioner confirmed that candidate understood a net available addition of $ 23,767.03. He contended that, notwithstanding the net money accou nted by the solicitor, the sum acknowledged ought to likewise contain the standard measure of the home loan of $250,000 when sold. Issues: First, how the increase or misfortune on the offer of a physical property gained by endowment subject is resolved. Furthermore, how the sum acknowledged on the offer of a physical property is determined and finally, regardless of whether there are any devaluation recompenses from the estimation of a property at the hour of picking up. Examination: The duty court initially settled the selling value included the land and the structure despite the fact that the structure isn't a â€Å"capital asset†. The entire addition should, in this way, be burdened after the changes of the property were and tear has been made, under  §113 (a). The principal question, the court discovered that, under area  § 113 (a) (5), unadjusted reason for deciding misfortune or addition discounted of a physical property. Mrs. Crane ought to decide her property estimation undiminished by the measure of the home loan. In the subsequent inquiry, under  § 111 (b), the sum acknowledged is determined as the

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International Migrants and Divorce Immigrant Native

Question: Depict about the International Migrants and Divorce for Immigrant Native. Answer: Presentation Globalization has prompted expanding culmination among different partnerships, who need to improve and frame operational methodology for picking up contending edge in the market(Jung, 2009). Different procedures inside monetary association concerning activity must be improved and quality kept up for better hazard the board, cost execution, benefit and income expansion, etc. These parameters need to accomplish an exchange off for keeping up serious edge and to arrive at authoritative objectives. The report covers and investigations different operational procedure for expanded operational exhibitions. Systems, for example, limit procedure, Lean business process, Total Quality Management, Purchasing and flexibly technique, process innovation methodology, improvement procedure, item and administration advancement for plan and execution in money related assistance industry has likewise been discussed(Fitzsimmons, 2013). Examination Money related assistance industry is portrayed by taking into account different items and administrations to clients, who moderately have less information. Along these lines, execution in the monetary assistance industry needs to adjust to highest caliber in their procedures and capacities to stay away from client misfortunes. Such techniques should be planned and applied by association to increment operational execution. Productive and viable procedures can be shaped and assessed by first investigating accessible assets inside the organization(Corbett, 2006). Operational Strategy incorporates receiving an operational exhibition technique for upgrading quality and execution inside the association. A legitimate operational methodology incorporates lean procedures, TQM procedures, and Business forms as talked about underneath. Lean procedures: Applying lean business forms is to make an incentive for clients utilizing barely any assets, by minimization of waste. Along these lines, client esteem in money related help part can be improved by giving clients ease and exceptional yield items. Be that as it may, hazard factor of such items should be assessed as for the most part it has been seen exceptional yield items have high related dangers. Consequently, budgetary help industry singular needs to accomplish an exchange off among hazard and return for such products(Yasin, 2010). All out Quality Management (TQM): Every association so as to keep up a standard in quality needs to adjust TQM forms. TQM can help achieve long haul accomplishment through consumer loyalty with every single inward partner of the organization taking an interest in progress forms. As TQM includes long haul sway, it is regularly chosen yet it has been believed to include extra assets, subsequently extra expense. TQM is a completely incorporated framework that includes representatives and is client centered. It is a prepared focused methodology that has a vital and deliberate perspective on procedures to upgrade by and large quality. It centers around constant improvement by dynamic and imparting its destinations to interior partners. Business forms: Every progression in monetary assistance industry needs to have business forms coordinated towards the objective of the association. Any item or administration that doesn't help in meeting hierarchical goals should be avoided(Vemuri, 2007). Adjusting business forms is a good methodology as it doesn't require extra assets and extra responsibility to costs. It is adjusted with a group and organized exercises or undertakings for explicit items or administration. Associations in money related help segment adjusting business forms needs to build up a flowchart or Process Matrix to distinguish and create exercises that can shape a piece of business forms. Operational Performance is significant and essential for achieving the above techniques relating to organizations. The following are some referenced operational systems that an association can adjust to accomplish significant level of authoritative execution. Limit methodology: It includes deciding creation limit of a money related assistance organization to meet powerful changes in item requested by clients. In money related division limit procedure includes legitimate monetary item arranging that can agree to necessities of the current budgetary conditions(Li, 2006). Buy and Supply Strategy: Financial assistance industry structures and gives items to their clients when the national bank in their nation fund-raises by methods for storehouse notes and other fixed enthusiasm yielding instruments. Fund Service Company needs to keep an extension on such profit with the end goal that they can buy such papers from national banks and flexibly them at an accommodating ate to their clients. Procedure innovation technique: Financial assistance industry frequently adjusts a dynamic ERP framework as an innovation system. ERP permits control and framework keeping of pertinent data relating to the fund business, subsequently their appropriate management(Piercy, 2009). Improved and effective procedure innovation technique helps in achieving authoritative goals with respect to record keeping and refreshing different procedures and progress. Improvement methodology: A consistent improvement technique must be embraced by each association all together that they can keep up their serious edge. It includes vision, objectives and procedures that will help accomplish association manageable upper hand. It delivers issues relating to wastefulness, squander decrease, and authoritative culture advancement, etc. Item and administration improvement and association: For this situation association obliges item advancement to meet client desires. New item development and changes made to existing item empowers to meet evolving circumstances. This is particularly evident in budgetary help industry where full scale monetary changes sway returns on money related items consequently, purchaser settles on unique resource allocation(Jacobs, 2010). Each vital other option and procedures includes assessment of the authoritative current assets. Adjusting any methodology or procedure can essentially include focusing on extra expenses and authoritative assets. In this way, budgetary help associations needs to assess and apply procedure and system that best suits its necessity and gives results. Suggestions and Conclusion Money related help industry world over is confronting testing conditions emerging from worldwide downturn and flooding rivalry from globalization. In this manner, they have to settle on constant procedure and quality improvement to have the option to draw in clients and meet hierarchical objectives. Each authoritative objective includes expanding benefits and income for its food and development. With increment in rivalry quality is the main variable that can enable these associations to remain above water and keep up their upper hand. Associations now-a-days adjust a differed quality procedure joining in lean procedures, business procedures or TQM forms. They likewise frequently fuse limit system, improvement methodology, buy and flexibly technique, process innovation procedure, item and administration advancement etc. These give the organization vision and objective for long haul influence to consolidate in separation for their clients. References Corbett, C.J. also, Klassen, R.D., 2006. Broadening the skylines: ecological greatness as key to improving operations.Manufacturing Service Operations Management,8(1), pp.5-22. Fitzsimmons, J. also, Fitzsimmons, M., 2013.Service administration: Operations, methodology, data innovation. McGraw-Hill Higher Education. Jacobs, F.R., Chase, R.B. what's more, Chase, R., 2010.Operations and gracefully chain the executives. McGraw-Hill/Irwin. Jung, J.Y., 2009. Operational improvement venture the executives: Categorization and selection.Journal of the International Academy for Case Studies,15(4), pp.61-66. Li, S., Ragu-Nathan, B., Ragu-Nathan, T.S. what's more, Rao, S.S., 2006. The effect of flexibly chain the executives rehearses on upper hand and authoritative performance.Omega,34(2), pp.107-124. Piercy, N. what's more, Rich, N., 2009. High caliber and ease: the lean help centre.European Journal of Marketing,43(11/12), pp.1477-1497. Vemuri, V.K. what's more, Palvia, S.C., 2007. Improvement in operational effectiveness due to ERP frameworks usage: truth or myth?.Information Resources Management Journal,19(2). Yasin, M.M. also, Gomes, C.F., 2010. Execution the executives in administration operational settings: a specific writing examination.Benchmarking: An International Journal,17(2), pp.214-231.

MIS Project SEHA †Abu Dhabi Health Services Company

Official rundown This paper gives a brief however complete examination of SEHA-Abu Dhabi Health Services Company by taking a gander at different basic components including its upper hand, web based business strategy, and connections between the associations and its providers and customers.Advertising We will compose a custom exposition test on MIS Project: SEHA †Abu Dhabi Health Services Company explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More An audit of the as of late executed IT foundation depicts SEHA as an all around skillful social insurance supplier, yet its immaturity leaves space for a couple of proposals to achieve global status and different destinations. About SEHA †Abu Dhabi Health Services Company is a general wellbeing supplier situated in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, UAE. It positions number one in the arrangement of coordinated human services benefits and has â€Å"12 emergency clinics (2644 beds), 62 mobile centers, and 2 blood banks† (SEHA, 2012). In March this year, the UAE government consented to an arrangement with SEHA that will encourage in the making of 14 new clinics. Also, SEHA directs the preparation and postgraduate instruction of doctors (understudies or colleagues) and subject to the previously mentioned understanding; it is anticipating accreditation of its instructive organization in November this year. Authoritative structure: 3 degrees of the Board of executives Internal review office Managing chiefs Managing executives office Chief official (CEO) CEO Office Strategy Performance and Management Finance Division Information Technology (IT) Division Clinical Affairs Division Operation Management Division Facility Construction Division Corporate Services bolster Division Business Objectives SEHA anticipates setting up itself as the Abu Dhabi showcase pioneer in the arrangement of coordinated excellent social insurance administrations It has each aim of establishing a strong framework for Research D evelopment and training inside its own positions, for example inside Packaging SEHA as the perfect work environment and winning representative kindness and reliability It plans to pull in both nearby and worldwide speculators just as key accomplices with whom it can grow its impact all inclusive Ensuring understanding wellbeing and gaining persistent trust in its social insurance administrations Establish and reposition wandering consideration administrations versatile or decentralized centers misguided that can cook for a more extensive populace To guarantee that its medicinal services administrations are given successfully and productively, it imagines the dynamic administration of money related tasks Active execution of Emiritization activities with the objective of expanding the quantity of very much prepared emirates connected by and working under (SEHA, 2012) Competitive Advantages and Porter’s Five Competitive Forces Rivalry Concentration proportion as one of the estim ation rule of industry fixation signs gave by registration shows the main four firms that command a specific market. Human services is fairly serious particularly because of the endeavor at normalization by national (open) and private back up plans (Porter, 1998). Be that as it may, in the previous decade, SEHA has positioned number one in the Abu Dhabi surveys as the biggest coordinated general human services supplier, with 12 emergency clinics, 62 facilities, and 2 blood donation centers; nonetheless, the private area is rapidly making up for lost time. By and by, the private segment has caught 45 percent of the human services arrangement division and the compensation progressed to specialists is progressively appealing (Ferrier, 2012). SEHA is continually enduring a deficiency of doctors who normally incline toward higher pay.Advertising Looking for article on wellbeing medication? We should check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Threat of substitutes In the social insurance framework, this risk is inconsequential except if seen under the focal point of conventional medications. Thusly, SEHA is sheltered, as it doesn't have practical experience in pharmaceuticals. By the by, it merits referencing that since it is a general wellbeing supplier, the administrations it renders are moderately less expensive than its private area partners are, and in this manner it has a preferred position. Buyers’ Power The human services purchasers are frail in that they are to a great extent divided and none has concentrated force. Along these lines, it is hard for them to make a syndication (Porter, 1998). Be that as it may, because of the accessible rivalry from the private division, SEHA is continually updating its administrations to accomplish quiet fulfillment. Providers Power This region is a genuine issue for SEHA on the grounds that the providers have a sound forward reconciliation risk that they can push to get purchasers like SEHA to disclose a portion of their benefits as crude materials like pharmaceuticals just as work. P hysicians’ pay rates have expanded in the course of the most recent couple of years and keep on doing as such as a lack of authorities keeps on plagueing the UAE. The reasons for this deficiency incorporate an inclination of the private part, lack of non-Emeritus doctors, and the span of accreditation after the acknowledgment of an offer-as long as a half year. Risk of new contestants and passage hindrances The medicinal services industry is a free market and such there is consistently the chance of new participants. In the UAE, this chance is considerably progressively articulated as the legislature is urging Emiratis to enter the business and lessen the reliance on other nations’ experts (Hamid, 2012). Thusly, the pay rates are higher than in different callings, for example, in oil creation (Ismail, 2012). In any case, SEHA is somewhat shielded from the repercus sions of the current businesses in such a situation in light of the fact that the administration manages administrations. IT framework and Database SEHA embraced an Oracle Enterprises Resources Planning (ERP) entryway several years back to digitize its activities and improve its openness and effectiveness.Advertising We will compose a custom article test on MIS Project: SEHA †Abu Dhabi Health Services Company explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More Through the Evolutionary Systems (Evosys), an Oracle provider, the 8-month venture was finished in record time, which offered route to a paperless framework (SEHA, 2012). Directly, all the partner offices (12 medical clinics, 62 wandering facilities, and 2 blood donation centers) are open on one database run at the home office in the Injazat Data Center. Gracefully chain the executives The entryway is essential in cultivating the connection among SEHA and its providers. It incorporates a tab through which tenders are c ommunicated and acknowledged by the association, which is monetarily feasible as it speaks to a vertical arrangement of exchanges that is executed straightforwardly among SEHA and the providers. As a result, it removes the go-betweens and this move lessens the expenses of acquirement just as expanding the productivity of flexibly. Client relationship the board SEHA has given an oversimplified client care entrance that permits client criticism from patients, their families, providers, and the inhabitant network to offer protests or proposals. It has likewise set up a client care office to manage this input and report to the source on the results of their commitments. Moreover, it has set up a stroll in office at Das Tower, fourteenth Floor, Sultan Bin Zayed Street (32nd St) Corniche, Khalidiya, open from 7am to 11pm Sunday through Thursday (SEHA, 2012). On the other hand, there is a physical location accessible at the site for those that would want to compose by means of mail station . SEHA sees how priceless consumer loyalty is for the flourishing of the association. Web based business as a rule With the new entrance set up, SEHA has completely grasped the advanced period. The IT Department is by and by chipping away at profiting pharmaceuticals for online buy and endless supply of a membership. Besides, one can likewise get a conclusion on the web and extra clinical counsel at an expense (SEHA, 2012). The mental division is as of now settled on the web and guiding meetings are accessible online for significant distance patients. Be that as it may, since this stage is only the sprouting phase of the mechanical insurgency at SEHA, matters of cybercrime are yet to be managed and settled when they come up.Advertising Searching for exposition on wellbeing medication? How about we check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Find out More Because of the touchy idea of specialist tolerant secrecy, enlistment for online administrations is limited to manual structures at the closest mobile facilities. Suggestions SEHA data framework is in critical need of insurance from the danger of digital wrongdoing. As programmers and other online predators keep on sneaking the web-circle looking for defenseless targets, SEHA is an important framework since it speaks to another classification of casualties, viz. those with an Arab foundation. In this manner, due to UAE’s connection with oil and fear based oppressor claims, numerous clients are in peril of losing significant data and even wholesale fraud that may have shocking repercussions. It follows that SEHA would be savvy to shield itself from such interruptions by taking proactive measures. Also, SEHA tries to enter the worldwide market in its extension attempts. Be that as it may, by and by, it is altered to fulfill an Arabic masses and it should differentiate its admini strations further so as to fit into the worldwide canvas it tries to possess. For example, the working days are by and by restricted to Thursdays through Sundays forgetting about Friday and Saturday. Seemingly, the vast majority of its patients are Islamic; in any case, it is important to expand so as to provide food for the necessities of non-Muslim patients. Determination SEHA is a quickly developing incorporated human services supplier with an incredible potential for development particularly because of the administration backing it gets from congress. Over the previous decade, it has effectively ach

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Violence Against Nurses Research Assignment Paper - 550 Words

Violence Against Nurses Research Assignment Paper (Essay Sample) Content: Nurse exposure to physical and nonphysical violence, bullying, and sexual harassment: A quantitative reviewAuthorAuthor affiliationNurse exposure to physical and nonphysical violence, bullying, and sexual harassment: A quantitative reviewReferences ListAlameddine, M., Mourad, Y., Dimassi, H. (2015). A National Study on Nurses Exposure to Occupational Violence in Lebanon: Prevalence, Consequences and Associated Factors. PloS one, 10(9), e0137105.Park, M., Cho, S. H., Hong, H. J. (2015). Prevalence and perpetrators of workplace violence by nursing unit and the relationship between violence and the perceived work environment. Journal of nursing scholarship, 47(1), 87-95.Purpora, C., Cooper, A., Sharifi, C. (2015). The prevalence of nurses' perceived exposure to workplace bullying and its effect on nurse, patient, organization and nursing related outcomes in clinical settings: a quantitative systematic review protocol. JBI database of systematic reviews and implemen tation reports, 13(9), 51-62.Spector, P. E., Zhou, Z. E., Che, X. X. (2014). Nurse exposure to physical and nonphysical violence, bullying, and sexual harassment: A quantitative review. International Journal of Nursing Studies, 51(1), 72-84.SummaryOccupational violence, bullying, and sexual harassment are rife in the health institutions across the world. However, there is a dearth of national studies on this subject. The study titled Nurse Exposure to physical and nonphysical violence, bullying, and sexual harassment: A quantitative review  provided a quantitative review which estimates the rate of exposure of the nurses depending on the source, setting, type of violence and the region. Further, the researcher employed quantitative research design review based on the secondary data. Te available literature search was conducted by use of Medline, CINAHL and PsycInfo database and only those sources that had information on all variables of research were included in the study. This was meant to ensure uniformity in the collected data. The literature suitable for the research were identified through the database search and checking reference lists of the review articles that were located. The rate of exposure was coded as a percentage of the nurses who reported a specific type of violence in the sample. There were five types of violence, however, the type of violence was not recorded as the data was concerned on the prevalent rates of violence regardless of the type. The researcher coded the setting, country, timeframe and type of violence.The study revealed that the violence exposure rates were thirty-six percent for physical violence, sixty-six point nine percent for nonphysical violence, thirty-nine point seven percent for bullying, twenty-five percent for sexual harassment and thirty-two points seven percent of nurses reported the physical injury. Moreover, the study revealed that exposure rates varied from one country to another. The highest cases of viole nce and sexual harassment was recorded in the Anglo region while the highest cases of nonphysical violence and bullying were recorded in the Middle East. There was also significance difference in the source of violence in the region with the majority of the violence from patients being more prevalent in European and Anglo regions. In addition, in Middle East families and friends were the most common source of violence in the Middle East. From this research, at least one in three nurses has encountered exposure to physical violence with a third of that affected reporting to have been injured, a quarter encountered sexual harassment and two-thirds recorded nonphysical violence. Further, p[hysical violence was found to be more prevalent in emergency departments, geriatric and psychiatric facilities.AnalysisThe research question was well framed and significant as allows for the quantitative comparison of the rates of exposure to the type of violence, source, setting, and region independ ently. The research question is well detailed allowing for the calculation of the correlation between variables. However, the qualitative aspect of this data was left out which would have made this study inclusive of all variables related to violence impacted on the nurses. The authors did relate well the research question to the existing knowledge. The authors related perfectly the qualitative studies with their work on violence filling the holes of knowledge left by the qualitative studies on the violence, sexual harassment and bullying of nurses. Nevertheless, this paper made a significant contribution to the existing qualitative knowledge on this issue. On the other hand, the study did not provide enough theoretical framework as it left out the issue of why the perpetrators of opted for this viol...