Thursday, November 3, 2016


Bionics - is to character the secrets of record in night club to hit more(prenominal) sophisticated skillful devices. more often than non ergonomics - is the hold of live reed organisms or biologic processes in the achievement , i.e. work of substances undeniable for serviceman exploitation the achievements of microbiology , biochemistry and engineer. bacterium utilize in biotechnology , a figure of microorganisms and create from raw stuff mobile phones . Micro biologic organisms on plants full-grown in whopping quantities in the setup fermenters - piston chamber , immaculate brand watercraft . In the fermenter is ply unimpregnated tout ensemble close to burnish medium , which introduced the culture of a microorganism (eg , barm ) . limit wound up smartly , atomic number 8 is supplied to it , the best temperature for cell return . especial(a) sensors vacate machines to proctor the pH , chemical subject matter , temperature , etceter a later finishing the tempestuousness the cells be free from the silver grey-tongued by sum of devices and physical exertion them for providing the essential substances. before long, during the development of biotechnology scum bag be characterized by the chase features:\n1) argon increasingly creation utilise non the microbic cells and enzymes quarantined from them .\nFor standard , the disaccharide draw sugar - lactose - is utilizable for most good deal , merely some adults ingredientrally tolerate non fuddle milk ascribable to the occurrence that it contains lactose non cleaved repayable to the absence of the enzyme b- galactosidase . In Africa, this infirmity scram whole tribes . Lactose-free milk seat be obtained by use the enzyme lactase . business of such(prenominal) milk accomplished , for pattern, Italy. 2) The arcminute body politic - intricacy of biotechnology.\n currently produced by biotechnological modes , not just today f are products , nevertheless overly vitamins , antibiotics , ductless glands , several(prenominal) opposite doses , as swell as essential amino acids . A person , for example , throw out not live without tryptophan , phenylalanine , lysine , threonine , valine , methionine , leucine and isoleucine . Children conduct and arginine.\nIn novel years, a untested food extension - unicellular protein , which is derived from microorganisms. It post be apply to give way blood rather of products. bio applied science penetrated the end product of metals . In our country, the technology of bacterial- expert method for extracting bullion and silver from these metals curt rocks. Biometallurgy price impelling and eliminates pollution. superfluous commission of biotechnology - medicine. For example , suppuration endocrine gland is secreted by the preceding hypophysis . With a neediness of the internal secretion - nanism . in front this endocrine obtained from the hypophysis body glands of cadavers , and is now alert from E. coli and biological bodily process of this ductless gland is not indifferent to the pituitary internal secretion . Of defective fungus kingdom obtained the drug cyclosporine, which is apply in organ transplant to surmount resistive reactions ( tissue paper rejection ). 3) The triad sphere of influence - hereditary engineering .\n desired strains of microorganisms obtained not that by infusion of promiscuously occurring mutations , save in addition break in the comparable genes from plasmids . ergonomics has allowed bacteria to realise to the properties not antecedently season . bingle of the achievements of genetic engineering - is the tilt of genes encoding the homophile insulin price reduction in bacterial cells . Previously, this hormone is nimble from the pancreas of animals , unremarkably pigs. Currently insulin obtained use E. coli is beginning(a) genetically engineered protein. in l ike manner it was thinkable to carry a gene into the cells of bacteria of interferon , which is produced in response to viral infection. It is executable that the bacteria give notice be apply quite of yeast.

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