Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Organization as a Machine Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Organization as a Machine - Essay Example It also adopts British Telecom as the case study. Overall functioning structure of traditional organization using machine metaphor Evidently, machine metaphor concept has immensely contributed to growth prospects of various institutions due to its noble ideals and synergies. Morgan (2007) asserted that, it has in stilled basic elements and ideals, which organizations should embrace. He further stated that, organizations are all about effective interaction, predictability, reliability and controllability at various points of activity through structured systems, which instills sanity. In particular, machine metaphor concept is a system, which provides a comprehensive view of institutions through detailed interaction of various elements, which facilitates predictability, and control of events (Odubiyi, 2012). Clearly, organizations must adopt predictable and reliable business practices including market positioning to ensure sound performance, which is a critical aspect for most institut ions. Mechanistic view is a noble concept, which considers institutions as holistic entities, which operate under strong combination of manageable components. As indicated by Odubiyi (2012), major components, which requires effective management includes organizational chart, job description, policies, operational plans and people. Critically, machine metaphor concept facilitated growth in various traditional institutions due to its effective management and control ideals, which ensured delivery of services based on quality policies. Consequently, the concept enhanced organizations competitive capacity through development of superior production and business techniques, which were accurately coordinated in similar form as machine operation. Functional structure is also a vital pillar, which influences growth in various in situations. As noted by McCrimmon (2012), functional structures enhances decision making process in institutions hence should be effective and operate within set gui delines. He stated that poor functionality of various organizational components through inferior guidelines have contributed to liquidation of many institutions globally. As such, corporations should adopt viable and well structured operating levels with comprehensive job delegation to enhance quality in choice making. Clearly, machine metaphor provides requisite incentives through its structured network system, which enhances management and control at various levels towards formulation of quality decisions (Morgan & Rotunda, 2006). Ideally, modern institutions require credible systems, which ensure business accountability and structured way of executing duties at various levels of operation. Evaluation of organizational functional departments

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