Thursday, September 26, 2019

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Research - Essay Example He could face additional discipline by the NFL, even if he is not convicted. The involvement of Michael Vick in the dog fighting scandal has caused irreparable damage not only to his career but also to the Atlanta Falcons; moreover, it has affected PETA as well. Animal rights groups are enraged, and so is the public. The Atlanta Falcons have issued a statement in which they have categorically apologized to their fans and the public for the actions of Michael Vick causing them to be seen in a negative way. The NFL has also issued a statement in which they have assured the public that the NFL considers dog fighting â€Å"cruel, degrading, and illegal†, and that any employee of theirs who is found to be involved in such activities would be punished appropriately. This scandal has caused Michael Vick considerable disrepute. He was one of the most entertaining players of the NFL, and had a bright future ahead of him. However, with this scandal, he has lost respect of the public, which has resulted in embarrassment to the Falcons as well; not only has it caused them embarrassment and consternation, but their fans are also disappointed in them. The Falcons have suspended Vick till the verdict comes in, and have also sued to reclaim the bonu s that was given to him on 10th October 2007. Given the circumstances, the Court also agreed to the Falcons claim and they were held to be entitled to recover almost 20 million dollars of the said money. Air Tran Airways, for which Vick was a spokesman, has decided not to renew his contract after this incident. Moreover, other companies have also either suspended or cancelled their contracts with Vick; for instance, Nike has decided not to go ahead with its product line named after Vick, though the company has not declared categorically whether it is merely a suspension or cancellation. The banks are also suing Vick for loans that he had taken out, as the future of the quarterback hangs in the balance and none of the companies, banks

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