Friday, November 1, 2019

Formal Report case study Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4250 words

Formal Report case study - Research Paper Example Employees need to know that it is an offense to smoke or drink within the boundaries of the workplace. However, they should not feel as though the company is punishing them. This is why they should be included in the policy making to prevent such misconceptions. The company ought to be clear on rewards and punishments as a way to control smoking and drinking. Most employees fail to take care of their health for lack of information. Books, movies, and seminars should be availed to enable employees get the information required for change of behaviour. The company should consider using the services of experts in dealing with critical issues such as smoking and drinking prevention programs. Putting employees in darkness about what is happening within the company creates a sense of isolation and powerlessness. This is especially if they are not included in the decision-making within the company. This may kill their morale about work and become victims of alcohol to fight their frustration s. As normally said, ‘work and no play make jack a dull boy.’ Employees need to have activities that enable them to unwind. These include gym and other exercising equipment. Employees can use them over lunch break to exercise. Other resources include programs that might assist employees to stop drinking and smoking. Ensure that food eaten within the workplace is healthy to prevent the lifestyle complications. Finally, managers are also trained to detect problems in employees and address them instantly. There is a positive correlation between stress and drug use amongst the employees. For that reason, it would be imperative to ensure that employees are trained to cope with stressful situations. To ensure employees are not stressed, the company should ensure favourable working conditions. If possible, the company should create an employee and family assistance programs. Professional help is offered not only to

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