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Media Should Work on Showing an Objective Truth Essay

It is clear that the surplus of information in our day-to-day lives has affected our social state in a way that we are slaves for the media. We have changed from keen viewers to blind imitators. The amount of images and visual information that is being sent to us every day is really vast. Many people have been influenced by the information that is given by the media. Their minds and souls have been falsely biased. Their actions, decisions, movements, and judgments are tied to what they see in the media. Media has tried to replace the public opinion by certain policies that are made by global agendas. Nowadays, people respond to this advertisement. They are demanding more of these thoughts .Through TV series, live talk shows , and†¦show more content†¦This is governed by a false freedom and democracy. Whenever the Western Media shows images of Arabs burning the American or Israel flag, they never mention why. They just show a bunch of angry people running in the streets fu rious and angry. They want the west to thing that we are all barbaric people that just fancy violence. Another example of this interference might be observed when the mainstream broadcast media tries to gain political bias through false news. (Richardson, 2004, p. 22) Owners of big media companies around the world would broadcast news that makes them richer. If it is an ad for a lethal weapon present in a peaceful Muslim country, or a toxic biological weapon in a Sahara, they will broadcast that. Let us take the example of Iraq. Iraq was a passive country; thriving and flourishing Iraq was a wealthy country. The Iraqis certainly had notes on the performance of Saddam Hussein. At a certain point the United States felt that Iraq started to form a risk or a hazard on the Gulf countries .Thus, America decided that Iraq has a nuclear weapon. The argument presented by the Americans was never concerning the Iraqis. They did not care if the system in Iraq was good or bad. America had ce rtain benefits to be gained in Iraq and that was the true plan. Through defined media paths, the United States tried to convince the world that the Iraqi regime owned nuclear weapons. Later on, the country was invaded. The whole invasion turned out to be on a lie.Show MoreRelatedyears and years the world has been blinded by the evils in society. There are three main matters1100 Words   |  5 Pagesyears and years the world has been blinded by the evils in society. There are three main matters that shade us from the truth every day. These are corruption/greed, media takeover, and ignorance. Corruption is one of the worst evils to enter society; it has seemed to become a type of faith on its own. The way it is evil is that corruption has blinded society by the way we think and act, it allows people in society to think that doing evil things is an ok thing to do. The reason corruption has changedRead MoreSociety Is Made To Believe That There Are Natural Distinctions1464 Words   |  6 Pagesdistinctions between men and women in other words men and women should act in a certain way according to the material presented in popular magazines. Men are described as being strong and dominant and women are described as being weak and emotional, (Hargreaves, J., 2012). Additionally magazines tell the public that men and women must have different interests, men should be interested in getting drunk and driving cars whereas women should be interested in shopping and wearing makeup, (Jacobson, N.SRead MoreThe Positive And Negative Effects Of Social Media991 Words   |  4 PagesWhen someone says the words â€Å"social media†, many people immediately think about posts and likes, comments and messages, a way to connect with your friends from far away and other positive thoughts. However, some of our political leaders have been using social media to their advantage, using sites such as twitter to influence people to vote for their party. Fake news also is very easy to spread on social media, causing propaganda to increase in our society. In our democratic society, we believe thatRead MoreSpeech On The Media s Speech For A Rethinking By Media Critic Robert Mcchesney Essay1640 Words   |  7 Pages This cover letter addresses the first essay for English 114, Democracy in the Media in which I critique and analyze the essay â€Å"Farewell to Journalism?: Time for a rethinking† by media critic Robert McChesney. I will look specifically at McChesney’s claim that American journalism is in peril danger and that massive government subsidies are the o nly way to save it, and our democracy. As I analyze McChesney’s claim, I will find major discrepancies within it and will make my own claim that althoughRead MoreCorporate Control over Media1683 Words   |  7 Pagesinterests of that media? Have you ever felt that you seem to be viewing more hours of advertising than actual media content? These are questions that lingers in the minds of media analysists over and over again. Objective of Analysis In this analysis, we intend to treat media as a commodity that is being sold to the audience and the media content as a psychological influence on them. It is intended to throw light upon some of the devastating effects of the â€Å"business† of media, due to the influenceRead MoreAdvertising : Harmful Images That Promote Stereotypes And Unhealthy Obsessions With Physical Appearance782 Words   |  4 PagesWith advertising showing harmful images that promote stereotypes and unhealthy obsessions with physical appearance, and material goods there is a population of people that find it harder and harder to separate real life from fictional promotional materials. Teenagers are customers trying to work towards being successful, feeling good about themselves, and being happy and satisfied. Currently, there are no mediums that inform today’s youth about how advertising will depict almost anything in orderRead MoreQuestions On Challenges Of Religious Faith1431 Words   |  6 Pagessociety. However, though many things change, certain realities do not, which have their foundation in Christ (10). Humans are constantly questioning themselves, which leads to doubt and anxiety, but the Church can help people with these questions, showing people their true situation while acknowledging their dignity and destiny (12). In not accepting God into their life, people are â€Å"disrupting their proper relationship to their ultimate goal†, as well as their relationship with themselves, others,Read MorePhotography Has An Alternate Point Of View On Photography1355 Words   |  6 PagesSontag s assertion, â€Å"Picture-taking serves a high purpose: uncovering a hidden truth, conserving a vanishing past† (Sontag 56). Brandt hopes to evoke a longing for the natural beauty that was once there, sharpen the general public about the misfortune, and encourage commitment towards preserving the habitats that are still in existence. Brandt s photographs are a masterpiece since they are revealing the shrouded truth in modern East Africa. It is no secret that as humans, we proceed to constructRead MoreA Report On Metropolitan Light, Gas And Water, The Nation s Largest Three Service Municipal Utility1699 Words   |  7 Pageslargest three-service municipal utility, serving nearly 421,000 customers. Since 1939, MLGW has met the utility needs of Metropolitan and County residents by delivering reliable and affordable electricity, natural gas and water service. The main objective of this utility company is to improve the quality of life for all Metropolitan and County customers through the efficient and safe delivery of electricity, natural gas and water. This company is concern with community improvement and bringing residentsRead MoreThe Subjectivity And Objectivity Of Public Relations2151 Words   |  9 Pagesresponsibility is when responding to a public situation for a client. Is it to protect the client or the public? Should the whole truth be told to the public at the expense of the client? Will the story be told to keep the client in a favorable light with t he public? What about putting a â€Å"spin† on the truth to protect both the client and the public? Perhaps telling the public a partial truth—the type of truth that makes the public continue to feel good about the organization and allowing the client to stop holding

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